FAQ – Frequently asked Questions about Pocono Brewery Co., and answers to those questions

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What types of Beer do you make?

We brew a variety of beer. Some of them are seasonal brews, while others are one of specialties such as a limited run sour beer or a whiskey barrel full of beer, buried for one year to IPAs such as our flagship Wally Wilson or Rubus IPA. Some standards are pilsners, brown ales, pale ales and stouts. We are now making wine.

For a complete list see our craft beer.

What types of Pizza do you make?

We make a traditional Italian pizza using an imported wood fired stone hearth pizza oven. Our pizza is hand tossed using fresh pizza dough made from scratch. We use the freshest traditional ingredients such as basil, olive oil, olives, mozzarella cheese, etc. Some of the varieties of pizza that we make are Rustica, Margherita, and more. For a complete list see our menus.

Where are you located?

We are located currently in two locations. Our main facility is located between Mt. Pocono and Tannersville PA in Swiftwater. See our Map for the Pocono location. Our Taproom is located in the Lehigh Valley in Whitehall at the Lehigh Valley Mall. See our map to this location.

What other types of food do you have?

We offer appetizers, salads, dishes, and desserts at our Pocono location. For the Pocono location menu click here. A bit more limited menu at our Taproom in the Lehigh Valley. For the Taproom menu click here.

When are your brewery tours?

Our one-of-a-kind craft beer is something that must be tasted to appreciate. We offer tours and also offer flytes of beers to sample. See some craft brew reviews here! A bit about our beer.

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Do you have live music?

Live music and other forms of entertainment are featured on our blog and posted on our Facebook page. Please check these links here for those events.

Do you have wine?

Yes, we have our own handcrafted wine. We make Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, and Cabernet and are expanding our wine list.

Do you carry any other beverages, wine, spirits, or beer other than your own?

Yes, we carry local wine, beer, and spirits

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