About Us

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We consider ourselves a family of creators. That’s what we do. We take something that we are passionate about and find a way to personalize it. Our talents were first brought overseas from Napoli in the early 1900’s.  After settling in Northern New Jersey, we eventually made our way to the Poconos bringing our love for our home country in the form of traditional Italian style pizza made with time, care and fresh, quality ingredients.

The Vitiellos are also a family of risk takers and that’s why we’ve decided it’s time to personalize a new passion of ours- craft brewing.  When we first purchased PBC, we immediately saw the potential in it- enormous property, great layout, and a prime location. Yet when we looked at the building, it had no heart in it. That’s when we decided to add the Vitiello touch and expand PBC into the brewery it had the promise to be.

Our vision is to offer one-of-a-kind craft beer, hand tossed pizza, American pub favorites, and fresh pizza dough made from scratch. As creators, we only share what we can take pride in creating. We have always believed that simplicity is bliss. It’s not about mixing and matching complicated flavors and constructing elaborate menus. Our philosophy is about finding those few key, quality ingredients and letting the flavors come together into a tasteful masterpiece.

With custom-designed Italian brewing equipment, an authentic oak wood-burning pizza oven and a thirst for excellence, we aim to create a place where friends and family can come together and share in our passion. A place rich in culture with craft beer thoughtfully named after pieces of regional history and family recipes going back for generations. A place filled with excitement right in the comfort of home. We’re taking the risk because we want to bring this region the brewery it deserves. We are the Pocono Brewery Company because we are the Poconos.