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Fresh traditional Italian Pizza, wood fire oven made in the old world style served with the freshest ingredients!

About Pocono Brewery Pizza

Here at Pocono Brewery Company, our pizza is more than just sauce, cheese, and dough, it’s a family tradition. We have gone through the lengths of importing a wood fire pizza oven. It was sourced from a small company in Naples Italy to bring the worldly experience of Napoli style pizza to your neighborhood in Pennsylvania.
The pizzas are served at a smaller size to encourage variety and sharing.
mt pocono restaurant pizzaIn Italy, pizza is a craft, designed to bring people together. The pizzas are served at a smaller size to encourage variety and sharing. Pocono Brewery takes great pride in embracing the idea of a family meal and one that is worth the love that is put into making it. Our pizza begins during our dough making process. We make it fresh daily, and hand roll it on site. Once ordered, our pizza makers hand stretch, toss, and fire their new creation.


The pizza will cook at 800-1200 degrees. While cooking it will absorb the flavors from the wood-burning deep within the stone oven. Some of our staple ingredients include fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and fresh basil to give you that classic Italian flavor. Once fired, the pizza will emerge with a darkened crust which highlights the temperature it was cooked at. It will be thin and crunchy on the outside and as you make your way to the center, it will become softer from the rich cheese and olive oil used. In Naples, it is tradition to use a fork and knife to eat your pie, but we cut it into 6 slices for familiarity.


Our pizzas may not be the “norm” in America, but they are rooted in family, uniqueness, and craft just like our wine and beer. When enjoying your next pizza at Pocono Brewery, we hope you can taste the history and tradition behind each aspect of your meal.
Buon Appetito!

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