Craft Beer
Upholding our century old family tradition, we have always been a family of winemakers. Every year we stomp our own grapes and bottle our own homemade wine, keeping old world winemaking techniques alive under our roof today. But here we are century later, aspiring to bring old world methodologies into a new world of craft beer.

With modern Italian brewing equipment and an artistic mindset, we aim to brew each beer with the thoughtfulness of crafting a masterpiece. Rather than purchasing flavor extracts, we are bringing the Poconos into PBC by extracting the flavors straight from the source. This idea was first hatched with the Pocono Pines Pilsner when we wanted to try making a holiday beer that didn’t have the traditional holiday flavors. Inspired by our Christmas tree, a locally grown Pocono pine, we got to work crafting our flavor profile. Upon tasting the beer, we discovered it was less of a holiday brew and more of a year-round drink and immediately decided to make it one of our staple craft beers. That’s the beautiful thing about creating art- sometimes where you end up with the finished piece is better than the plan you had initially envisioned.

This open-minded approach is the same approach we take with all of our beers. We start with a locally inspired idea, pour our passion into bringing that idea to life and see where the masterpiece takes us. Craft beer isn’t a business to us- it’s art. And we want everyone to share in this artistic experience.